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Replace plastic: a sustainable choice for many companies

eliminare la plastica

Replacing plastic has become a priority for many companies, this is because the issue of environmental pollution is increasingly felt by both individuals and production companies.
Plastic is one of the most widely used, practical and common materials, but it is also one of the major causes of many negative effects on the ecosystem.
Many activities are therefore mobilizing and committing to making increasingly environmentally sustainable choices, in order to reduce the plastic used or produced, to combat climate change and damage to the planet.

Impact of plastics on the environment

Plastic is one of the major pollutants on our planet. Every year, millions of tons of plastic end up in the oceans or are dispersed into the environment, causing irreparable damage to marine fauna and ecosystems.
Plastic waste can take decades to decompose and, during this process, can release chemicals that are harmful to the environment, animals and people.
Reducing, managing or eliminating plastics from corporate production is therefore crucial to protecting the environment.

Alternative to plastic

Given the importance of this issue, a global agreement has been reached with the United Nations to deal with this problem. Companies will have to implement more and more strategies to achieve the objectives set, which concern the reduction of plastic pollution. We talk about the introduction of alternative materials, better recycling, the reuse of materials, and the promotion of sustainable behavior among consumers.
This commitment on the part of companies offers several advantages, both for the environment and for the reputation and corporate image.

Alternative materials to reduce plastic waste

Innovation in sustainable materials is opening up new opportunities for companies. Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable materials are replacing traditional plastic in many industries.
Paper is emerging as a viable alternative to plastic, thanks to its environmentally friendly characteristics, the many types available and the various application possibilities.
This material, in fact, decomposes quickly, is recyclable and is highly versatile.
All this allows to have a lower environmental impact than conventional plastic.

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Paper bags and envelopes for shipping and packaging

Adidas, Amazon, Patagonia are just some of the many companies, small and big, that have already begun their transition to become Plastic-free.
Many of these companies are limiting the use of disposable plastic products and are introducing increasingly sustainable production processes and packaging.
Choosing environmentally friendly packaging, shipping bags and packaging is already a big step towards reducing plastic.
Until a few years ago, the major couriers used plastic bags to send goods, while today they are increasingly focusing on the use of mailers and paper packaging.

Do you have a company and want to make your packaging more sustainable and reduce the amount of plastic used? Discover the JB Machines paper bag making machine and start the transition to more sustainable packaging!

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Handle unit

To produce and apply in-line paper handles with the support of patches.

Serrated die cut unit

For punching the bag or mailer at the edges, cutting a handle or a die cut in any position. Two different units that can operate simultaneously.

Flat handle unit

Together with the handle, it allows the production of flat paper handles in a rounded shape, not folded to 90°.

Twisted handle making unit + patch feeders

To apply one or two reinforcement patches to the bag or mailer with a die-cut handle, making it suitable for carrying heavy loads.

Questa unità esegue le seguenti lavorazioni:


web adhesive

Synthetic or textile flat

handle web adhesive

Flat bottom unit

To produce bags and mailers without gusset and without folding on the bottom.

Web adhesive spool reel unit total width

To apply a sealing strip along the entire width of the bag or mailer.

Spool reel unit left web adhesive

To apply a sealing strip on the top or inside the bag or mailer.

Tear tape dispenser unit

To unwind and glue tear tape on the longitudinal direction of the mailer.

Fish Bone longitudinal precutting unit

To make a precutting on mailers and bags with the a “fish bone” pattern.

Longitudinal straight precutting unit

To make a straight segmented precutting on mailers and bags for easy opening.