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E-commerce packaging: paper mailers for shipping

imballaggi per ecommerce

In the digital age e-commerce is gaining ground as a preferred purchasing method by millions of people around the world. As online sales increase, it is crucial that sellers carefully consider all aspects of the shipping process, including the choice of the most suitable e-commerce packaging. In particular, paper bags are proving to be an environmentally friendly, practical and reliable solution for shipments in the e-commerce sector. In this context, paper mailers are a winning choice for many online sellers.

The importance of e-commerce packaging

E-commerce packaging plays a key role in the shipping process of items purchased online. They are not only an instrument to protect the product during transport, but also represent the first tangible contact that the customer has with the company. A well-finished and quality packaging can positively influence the overall customer experience.

E-commerce packaging: the advantages of paper mailers

One of the main advantages of paper envelopes is their eco-sustainability. Made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, paper bags are a responsible choice for sellers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their shipping operations. Unlike plastic packaging, which can persist in the environment for hundreds of years, paper bags easily degrade and can be recycled to further reduce waste.

Paper mailers provide a wide range of customization opportunities for corporate branding. They can be printed with the brand logo, promotional messages or eye-catching designs that capture the attention of customers. This not only helps promote the brand, but also makes the experience more impactful for the customer.

Despite their lightness, paper mailers offer an adequate level of protection for many types of products. They can be reinforced with cushioning material or internal padding to protect fragile items during transport. In addition, paper mailers can be tightly sealed to prevent the contents from falling off or getting damaged during transport.

Paper mailers are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for economical shipping. Because the weight of the packaging affects the shipping cost, the use of light paper mailers can help reduce the overall shipping costs for sellers. In addition, paper mailers take up less space than traditional cardboard boxes, allowing you to optimize the use of space in delivery vehicles and warehouses.

Paper mailers come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit the needs of different types of products. From small bags for jewelry or accessories to larger bags for clothing or bulky items, there is a packaging solution for e-commerce suitable for every need.

Close&Reclose: the revolution in e-commerce packaging

Close&Reclose by JB Machines is one of the most innovative solutions on the market for e-commerce packaging. Our patented mailing bag, thanks to the double adhesive strip, allows you to send and return the goods with the same mailer. The operation is simple and quick thanks to the double adhesive strip, the pre-cut edge and special technical measures, which simplify not only the user experience but also the production. Close&Reclose is:

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Strong
  • Printable on both sides
  • Easy to open in both directions thanks to the precutting
  • Foldable thanks to the double adhesive strip
  • Available in various sizes
  • Patented

Close&Reclose can be manufactured with the BM-01 paper bag making machine, which with its sophisticated technology guarantees excellent performance and allows to produce 230 pieces per minute, with a change-over time format up to nine times lower than the normal packing machines. BM-01 is configurable with ten different accessories that, in addition to mailers, allow you to get many other packaging solutions.

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Handle unit

To produce and apply in-line paper handles with the support of patches.

Serrated die cut unit

For punching the bag or mailer at the edges, cutting a handle or a die cut in any position. Two different units that can operate simultaneously.

Flat handle unit

Together with the handle, it allows the production of flat paper handles in a rounded shape, not folded to 90°.

Twisted handle making unit + patch feeders

To apply one or two reinforcement patches to the bag or mailer with a die-cut handle, making it suitable for carrying heavy loads.

Questa unità esegue le seguenti lavorazioni:


web adhesive

Synthetic or textile flat

handle web adhesive

Flat bottom unit

To produce bags and mailers without gusset and without folding on the bottom.

Web adhesive spool reel unit total width

To apply a sealing strip along the entire width of the bag or mailer.

Spool reel unit left web adhesive

To apply a sealing strip on the top or inside the bag or mailer.

Tear tape dispenser unit

To unwind and glue tear tape on the longitudinal direction of the mailer.

Fish Bone longitudinal precutting unit

To make a precutting on mailers and bags with the a “fish bone” pattern.

Longitudinal straight precutting unit

To make a straight segmented precutting on mailers and bags for easy opening.