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General features of the BM-01 paper bag making machine


With over thirty years of experience in the industry, our company has gained a solid expertise in the field of machinery for the packaging industry, which is reflected in the BM-01 paper bag making machine. Our flagship product is one of the most functional and advanced solutions in the market, which facilitates, streamlines and optimizes the production of paper bags and mailers. Let’s see together which are the main features of the JB Machines paper bag making machine.

The advantages of the BM-01 paper bag making machine

The BM-01 is designed with the aim of adapting to the specific needs of customers and encouraging continuous production growth. Our mission is to provide machinery that not only meets current needs, but adapts to the challenges and production needs of the future, ensuring high standards to make our customers more competitive. Our paper bag making machine is a modular product that can be integrated with different units according to production needs. There are many advantages to this.

Modularity and versatility

The main strength of the BM-01 is its extraordinary modularity. The machine can accommodate up to 10 different units, each representative a unique packaging solution. This feature allows to adapt the machine to the specific needs of the customer, offering unprecedented flexibility in production and allowing to obtain a wide variety of packaging solutions.

Efficiency of the workflows

Workflow management becomes an efficient operation thanks to the advanced technology integrated in the BM-01 paper bag making machine. Operators can configure and monitor the machine via an intuitive touch screen, while a dedicated wifi tablet offers additional remote management options. This approach not only simplifies daily operations but also improves overall operational flexibility.

Functional and safe automation

The BM-01 packing machine stands out for its functionality, flexibility and operability in production. Thanks to process automation, the machine guarantees speed and safety in the packaging of products. Efficiency becomes synonymous of precision, allowing companies to optimize resources and maximize the quality of products made.

Which are the products that can be made with the BM-01 paper bag making machine?

With the ability to deploy multiple units on the same physical machine, the BM-01 can manufacture a wide range of products. Through the 10 matching packaging solutions, the possibilities are virtually endless. This versatility allows companies to respond promptly to market demands while maintaining high quality standards. Among the most interesting product innovations related to the BM-01 packing machine we find the Close&Reclose e-commerce mailer: it is a patented mailing bag that has a double adhesive strip to allow you to manage the return of the product with the same envelope used for shipping.

Production of paper bags with the BM-01 paper bag making machine

The BM-01 paper bag making machine is one of the most important innovations made by our company, which has always been engaged in the production of innovative machinery for the packaging industry. A product that thanks to its particular technology allows to produce 230 mailers and 190 shoppers per minute, with a change time format up to nine times lower than the normal bags.

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Handle unit

To produce and apply in-line paper handles with the support of patches.

Serrated die cut unit

For punching the bag or mailer at the edges, cutting a handle or a die cut in any position. Two different units that can operate simultaneously.

Flat handle unit

Together with the handle, it allows the production of flat paper handles in a rounded shape, not folded to 90°.

Twisted handle making unit + patch feeders

To apply one or two reinforcement patches to the bag or mailer with a die-cut handle, making it suitable for carrying heavy loads.

Questa unità esegue le seguenti lavorazioni:


web adhesive

Synthetic or textile flat

handle web adhesive

Flat bottom unit

To produce bags and mailers without gusset and without folding on the bottom.

Web adhesive spool reel unit total width

To apply a sealing strip along the entire width of the bag or mailer.

Spool reel unit left web adhesive

To apply a sealing strip on the top or inside the bag or mailer.

Tear tape dispenser unit

To unwind and glue tear tape on the longitudinal direction of the mailer.

Fish Bone longitudinal precutting unit

To make a precutting on mailers and bags with the a “fish bone” pattern.

Longitudinal straight precutting unit

To make a straight segmented precutting on mailers and bags for easy opening.